The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors

This book is fun. We often read books that lead to philosophical (or as philosophical as a 6 ¾ yo can get) discussions, but this one is just fun. Reading is supposed to be fun! And I sometimes have to remind myself of that when letting my oldest pick out his own books. I tend to gravitate towards stories that will teach lessons, while he tends to gravitate towards stories with bathroom jokes… and we need a little of both.

The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors is written by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Adam Rex, and it does not contain any bathroom jokes. Wait! I take that back… there is one butt joke about a peach… no wonder he liked it so much! But other than that one, the epic tone of these fierce competitors mixed with the mundane items/settings of their competition makes for some great ironic (non-bathroom oriented) humor.

Each of the competitors is the best in his or her kingdom/empire/village, but they are all getting bored with their cakewalk competition and all go out searching for a worthy opponent.

When they find each other, the epic battles truly begin.

This book is great for animated, bombastic voices. The language in the book may be above the heads of some younger readers, but the more animated the voices, the easier it will be for them to get the gist of what is going on. You can even show them this great book trailer to get them excited!

Confession: I often find it hard to come up with the proper voices for book characters on the fly (not sure why it is not a skill I possess, but it definitely is not – my husband is way better at the voices than I am), so the preview helped me to make the story as enjoyable as it could be.

I also love that the voices (and pictures) can help my 6 ¾ yo understand the meaning of words like realm, tacky, vaguely, and monstrosity – and those are all just on one page! See?! There is a lesson in every book – ha!

We have had some epic rock-paper-scissors battles in our house since reading the book, and I am sure you will too! And, if your kid likes technology as much as mine does, check out this addicting online rock-paper-scissors game! You compete against the computer as it tries to learn your strategy and predict what you will throw next. So fun!

The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors by Drew Daywalt