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So today I thought I would write a post that is a little different. Today’s post is about a book, but it’s not really a book you read. It’s a planner – a book you write in, reflect in, and plan in. And it is great for adults and kids (probably older kids – maybe ages 11 or 12+, depending on the kid – I know I would have loved it as a middle/highschooler). And from my own experience, it is wonderful for moms.

As you know, I am a high school English teacher, and I love books! I also love writing. Even though I can spit out a killer argumentative essay just about any time, and I am getting into this whole writing for other people thing, what I really love is writing for reflection.

That is what writing has always really been for me. Writing helps me organize my thoughts and even helps me truly know what I think about a topic. Even this blog is that to some extent (writing about the books we read and the conversations they spark helps me focus on what I am reading with the boys and why). Going through the process of having to put my thoughts into words on a page really helps me solidify them.

This is one of the reasons why I LOVE Passion Planner. I bought my first Passion Planner three years ago and fell in love immediately! It is wonderful for organization and keeping track of who is going where when, but more than that, it is amazing for goal-setting and reflection. That part actually helped me to decide to and go for writing this blog!

Passion Planner has its name because that is what it helps you to do. It helps you to plan how to achieve the goals about which you feel passion. And even to decide what those goals are. The layouts and the spaces for reflection give you just enough guidance to help you get started, but they also allow you to take over and make the planner exactly what you want it to be.


Another reason I love Passion Planner is because of its fluid, dynamic possibilities. I love following their pages on social media because they give you so many awesome ideas about how to make the planner more useful/fun for you. There are so many ways to customize and it really allows you to bring out your own creativity. There is even a whole page of tips on their website for how to make it your own.

One of the things I like to do is take time each week to fill out our weekly calendar and coordinate everything with the calendar the whole family can see in the kitchen. But to make it more fun and give the kiddos something to do while you are planning, you can make it a coloring event and let them color while you plan/beautify your family’s weekly schedule. Kids love to do things you are doing, and this is a great way to spend that time with them while being productive! If you promise not to laugh at my artistic abilities, I will show you the coloring one I did last week after we got the Wonder movie in the mail:


Side note: You can see my meal planning on there as well – I never plan for Friday or Saturday night, those are fun dinner nights in our house!

Another thing I have used it for is to plan the posts I will do for this blog. There are tons of blank pages in the back that allow you (to use Passion Planner’s words) infinite possibilities. Before I started the blog, I went through the books the boys already have and made myself of schedule of which ones I would like to post about when. I looked at holidays and months celebrating certain things and paired the books we have that go along with each one. I also left myself plenty of space to add and move things around, as sometimes the ideas come from something I am reading or something that is going on in our lives. I love that passion projects like this one can live in the same place as my daily planner. It helps me to be able to carve out time to actually work on pursuing the passions I want to pursue and house all of that information in one book!

Probably my favorite part about Passion Planner though is the monthly reflection pages. I absolutely cherish having the space (which encourages me to take the time) to reflect at the end of each month. The process of going back through our schedule, seeing how we spent our time, and reviewing how much I was able to focus on my goals/passions is invaluable. I truly feel like it has made a difference in how I live my life and how happy I am with the things we do day to day.

monthlyreflections (This one is from Passion Planners tips page – I am not this creative!)

The thing I love about Passion Planner the most right now is that I recently won an Instagram contest from them, and they are donating 200 planners for me to give to my students next year!!!! They posted on Instagram that they would like to hear from teachers about how they would use Passion Planners in their classrooms and would be giving away planners for students.

If you have read my other posts, you know that I have been revamping my curriculum to include more nonfiction, and that I plan to use the TED Talk from Angela Duckworth about Grit along with passages from her book titled, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance in my classroom next year. (Here is the link to my Grit post in case you missed it.)


I wrote to Passion Planner about my plans and about how their planner had helped me to work towards my own personal/professional goals for the last three years, and I won! I honestly could not believe it, and I am so excited about the impact these planners will have on my students!! I know the reflection along with the study of Grit and our other books will help them to see that anything is possible in their own lives and plan how to achieve their goals.

Passion Planner is so amazing for running contests like these and for projects like their “Get One Give One” initiative. I hope you will check out their website so you see all the other awesome stuff they do:  

They even have a downloadable trial version so you can see the amazingness before you buy! That page is also where you can download expansion pages to help you customize the planner to best fit your needs. I’m telling you, this planner/company couldn’t be more perfect!!  

Here’s a link to Angela Duckworth’s Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance to help you get inspired to go after your passions with all your might. Click the link to my Grit post for her TED Talk about Grit as well.

Thank you for reading!! Do you have a Passion Planner already? Any tips about how you use it to share? Or if you don’t have one, do you have any questions about how I use it or how it could be useful for you? Find my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages in the links to the right to comment/ask.

*This post is not sponsored by Passion Planner, nor did they ask me to write it. I just love the product so much and am so thankful that I will be able to share their planners with my students that I wanted to spread the word.


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