A tonsillectomy and the Usborne activity books that help keep us entertained!

My 3 ¼ yo had to have his tonsils and adenoids taken out at the end of last week. I’m sure it is this way for everyone, but I HATE it any time one of my kiddos has any medical issue. I turn into an emotional ball of nerves and imagine every possible negative outcome – no matter how irrational. 

Of course, it is a common procedure, and we have a great doctor, and everything went smoothly. The doctor also told us that his tonsils were huge and his adenoids were even bigger, so the procedure definitely needed done. When our ENT first noticed how big his tonsils were, one of the “symptoms” he asked us about was whether or not our lo seemed grumpier than he should. We (lovingly) call our 3 ¼ yo grumpasuarus ALL the time, so we were super hopeful that taking out his tonsils might make it better solve our every three-year-old woe! Here’s hoping!!

But for now we are still in recovery mode. It is apparently a two-week process because of swelling and scabs falling off and all kinds of unpleasantness. I am always amazed at how resilient little kids are, and this is no exception. He has done really well, and I’m sure I would not be handling it nearly as well as he is.

The hardest part for me is definitely being cooped up for our entire Spring Break. The hardest part for him is remembering that he is not allowed to run around, wrestle his brother, or roughhouse. I mean, he is a three-year-old boy. So we have broken out lots of toys, done lots of puzzles, watched lots of TV (We found a new YouTube show to go along with his current dinosaur OBSESSION. It is called Chomp Squad and has little five-ish minute episodes that he absolutely loves! See the trailer below.)

But of course, he needs more calm, interactive things to do as well. Enter Usborne interactive books in all their amazingness! We love Usborne books for so many reasons, but one of the biggest ones is definitely their awesome interactive books. Here are the ones we have been enjoying while our lo is recovering – I hope you will enjoy them as well:

  1. Usborne First Sticker Book: Building Sites – My 3 ¼ yo’s other obsession (besides dinosaurs) is … you guessed it … trucks! This sticker book is full of construction vehicles to fit his fancy.


My FAVORITE part of this sticker book is the fact that even a kid as young as mine can peel the stickers off the page on his own!!!!! This is in part because Usborne makes awesome stickers, and in part because of a tip I was given by our absolutely amazing Pre-K teacher when my oldest kiddo was in her class. If you don’t know this one, get ready to have your sticker world changed for ever!! Here it is: peel the outer edges of the stickers off before you give your lo the page to use on his/her own. It’s so simple, but so AMAZING!


2. Usborne Wipe-Clean Beginning Pen Control – We love this one for multiple reasons as well! One, we have been fighting the handwriting battle with our oldest son since he started school, and we are determined to ensure that we don’t have the same issue with our youngest. (The oldest is left-handed, and we kept thinking he would learn the proper writing techniques in the next level – Pre-K, then Kindergarten – but they have so many other things they HAVE to teach, that it just wasn’t a priority and now he has developed some bad habits that we are trying to break.) This book is great for helping us to get and stay on the right track this time around. Two – it is a wipe-clean book, so we can use it over and over and over again! Fair warning, I do recommend a little more supervision than you might use with crayons or washable markers because dry erase markers are SUPER-HARD to get out of anything, but the reusable part makes them totally worth it.

IMG_20180318_101615 (Ha! Don’t mind our Santa pjs – we wear them all. year. long.)

3. Usborne Playtime: I Can Draw Animals – Admittedly, this one is a little advanced for my 3 ¼ yo to do on his own, but it is so cute, and it is one that his 6 ¾ yo brother likes to do along with him. As a younger sister myself, I know how much I always wanted my big sister to be doing the same thing I was doing (in other words: how jealous I was when she was doing something that I was not big enough to do!), so finding things they can do together is essential. This book is perfect for that, and my lo will grow into it very quickly. It is also one that can be used again and again because you use your own paper, can shape your animals in different ways, and can give them any patter/design you would like. Yay for creativity!! 


We hope you will love these books as much as we do! Do you have any other Usborne activity books you love? Any other brands? Did you know the sticker trick already? Do you have any other tips to help make activity books more independent? See the links to the right to leave comments or ask questions on my social media pages!

As always, thanks for reading!

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