4 Tips to Boost Early Reading Skills

Hi all! As you may know by now, I am a high school English teacher. However, as a Secondary English Education major in college, I was never actually taught how to teach people to read. I was taught to help boost comprehension and to help students pull themes, literary elements, historical context, and author’s purpose from texts, but not actually to teach them to read.

Unfortunately, even as a high school teacher, I have had some students who were genuinely unable to read when they got to me. And in those cases, I have had to do my own research and use my own knowledge of how learned to read in order to help. If I, as a person who went through four years of college as an English Education major, didn’t know how to teach a kid to read, I’m guessing most other people don’t really know either.

Please hear me when I say that what you are doing now is probably perfect. If you are reading to or with your kiddos on a regular basis, you are doing it right!

But if you are curious about how to boost their early reading skills (without having to have a degree in Elementary Education), I have some tips that can help and LOTS of book recommendations to go along with each one. These are tips you can use while you do what you are already doing. They are not meant to give your kiddo extra work or to be tedious in any way. Actually, I hope they will make reading time MORE enjoyable for you and your little ones.

These tips are from my own experience as a teacher and a great book I have been reading called, Reading Reconsidered: A Practical Guide to Rigorous Literacy Instruction by Doug Lemov, Colleen Driggs, and Erica Woolway. One tip I have already written about is to add a regular helping of nonfiction to your kids’ reading diet. You can read all about the why and how in this post.

Because I am including so many book recommendations along with these tips, I have decided to post them as a four part series.

As always, thanks for reading!

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4 Tips to Boost Early Reading Skills:

Part 1: Reading with Expression: And the PERFECT books to help you do so!

Part 2: Early Independent Reading with Scribbles and Ink

Part 3: Asking about the Lesson: Our Two Favorite Lesson-Based Series (And Maybe a Couple More)

Part 4: Vocabulary Building Books for Babies and Big Kids


4 Tips

3 thoughts on “4 Tips to Boost Early Reading Skills

  1. So smart to make this into a series! I can imagine it’s a ton of info you’ve got to share. Good point about how reading to kids at home is so important- it’s one of the best parts of our days!

  2. We love bob books. That’s how I learned to read and it’s something that my son gets to do too. He can’t read yet but he does point our words that he knows. Or reads sections that he has heard for the millionth time. It all comes from reading to my child. Can’t wait to check out your series!

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