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*Though I was given Perfectly Maggie to review, the thoughts and opinions about the book are all mine.*

If you’ve ever read my “About Me” page or noticed the description of this blog, you know that my goal is to teach my boys to be kind, caring, and courageous and to share with you the books we read to help me do just that.

Perfectly Maggie is definitely one of those books.


I was so excited when the wonderful people at E3 Publishing contacted me and asked if I would like to review the book. I was even more excited when the package came in the mail and I saw how adorable the book and the plush dog that comes with it were!


As you know, I love interactive books (see this post for some other classics). And one of the great things about this one is that your little one can love and hug the dog while you read. This one also ends with another adorable chance for interaction (a little more on that later).


The thing I love best about books is the lessons they can teach. The lesson in Perfectly Maggie is both kind and empowering. Maggie is a special dog who has 8 brothers and sisters. The story starts with her doubting how special she could possibly be and asking her adoptive parents why they always tell her she is perfect when she knows she isn’t.

Then it goes into the story of just how special Maggie is. Her special power is that her “tail starts wagging just when it should, when someone is kind and sharing and good.” Because of this power, she is able to help one of her sisters, Noodle, to know that she has helpful powers too. From there, the pups start to feel empowered to do good, helpful deeds as often as they can.

I think (hope) that the story is set up to allow for more stories about the helpful powers of the rest of the brother and sister pups!


As the pups start to feel good about themselves, the story introduces the interactive part and really brings the message to life for the kids who read it. The pups decide to make a “puppy pact” to end each day by sharing a story of a time they were “helpful, kind, or polite.”

The book includes a pact for your kids (and you) to do the same!


I know so many people who struggle to get information about the day from their kids, and this has proven to be a great way to do so for us. The book helps to put them in a reflective mood, and the question helps them to think about what they have done that fits the description. Kids seem to be better equipped to answer when we ask specific questions rather than just how their day was in general.

At the beginning of the book, Maggie mentioned that she wasn’t sure she was perfect, but her adoptive parents assure her that she is “Perfectly Maggie.” I love this part of the message too. Showing kids that they are great the way they are is so important.

Annnnddd, there is a secondary little book included in the pack that lets Maggie show kids her special power! It has a pop-up Maggie that the kids (and you) tell your good deed to; if she thinks you have been, “perfectly you” she wags her tail to show her approval. It is adorable and really got my boys excited about telling the good deeds they accomplished for the day. Positive reinforcement for the win!

Here’s the best part! We are running a social media contest for someone to WIN a signed copy of the book, plush dog, and bonus booklet (for positive reinforcement) as well! All you have to do is follow my Instagram account, comment on the giveaway post, and tag a friend who you think would be interested in winning a copy as well.

Giveaway ends April 17th at 10pm EDT. The winner will be announced shortly after. Open to US residents only, no PO boxes. Must be 18+ to win and no giveaway accounts. Instagram is in no way affiliated with this giveaway.

Here is the link to purchase Perfectly Maggie in case you don’t win. Trust me, you are going to want this book and adorable dog in your life!

As always, thanks for reading! I’m so excited to see who wins this wonderful book package!!

32 thoughts on “Perfectly Maggie

    1. I know! I love that they can cuddle with her and make her little tail wag when she talks about wagging her tail in the book. Thanks for reading!!

  1. I like to read books to my boy as well. Gone are the days when only girls used to love reading books. I would surely like to have this for my 5 years old son.

    1. It is such a cute one! And yes, teaching boys to appreciate and love reading is so important. Thanks for reading!!

  2. Books that come with plush toys and characters are great for engaging kids! And I love that this book is about identifying positive character traits and appreciating what makes you special! It looks very cute!

  3. I love this! Especially that their “power” is something that our children can actually do! And how her adoptive parents encourage her warms my heart! Thanks for the review, I’m going to enter the contest!
    Elizebeth Gidley

  4. Oh the pups resemble Paw Patrol (a favorite over here), so I bet my boys would love this book. We are a big book family here too, so thank you for sharing the recommendation.

  5. Such a cute book! I too struggle getting any answer other than “good” when I ask my son how his day was! What a great way to encourage good deeds too! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I know the feeling! Getting them to share about their day is so tough. Then sometimes they will tell you something and wonder why you act surprised. Like they think I secretly have a camera on them at all times and I should just KNOW that this thing happened even though they never told me!

  6. This looks like such a cute book! I love how it comes with a toy. I’m going to add this to a wish list!

  7. This book is adorable and something my boys need in their book shelves! Thanks for sharing such a great book!

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