The Best Bedtime Books for Little Boys

Many of you are probably familiar with these books, but they are so good that I can’t resist a post about them anyway. Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site; Steam Train, Dream Train; and Mighty, Mighty Construction Site are my absolute favorite bedtime books for little boys (or girls) ages 0 – 5.

In fact, I decided to write this post now because my oldest son is about to turn 7 and I always find myself reminiscing about those last few weeks of pregnancy during this time of year. That inevitably leads to looking through Google Photos for pictures of my growing bump and my baby shower. That reminds me of my favorite part of the shower and an idea I hope you all will steal! And that reminds me that these books are my favorite to bring to baby showers as gifts. Every mom needs more books that help her little one fall asleep!

The idea I hope you will steal is this: At my shower, my hosts asked guests to bring a book rather than a card. The guests could write a little note to the baby inside the front cover, and we could keep the books much longer than we would ever keep the cards. I knew I wanted to build a library for my little guy and found this idea to be the perfect way to do so.


(I mentioned this idea in a guest post I wrote about raising readers for Mom’s Got It Made here – check it out for more ideas about building your library and inspiring your little one to love reading.)

Now, when I go to showers (especially for moms who are expecting boys), these books by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichtenheld are the ones I always bring along. Steam Train Dream Train is definitely more gender neutral, and the Construction Site ones could totally work for a girl who likes construction vehicles or who you just want to introduce to all the good books regardless of content.

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There are multiple reasons why I bring these books to baby showers, but the biggest is definitely their sleep-inducing qualities. What new mom doesn’t need books that will help her rambunctious kids fall asleep night after night for years to come?

These books are perfect for bedtime because of their sign-song rhyme and dark, luxurious illustrations. And, in each one (even Mighty, Mighty Construction Site – which looks like more of a daytime book), we see the characters all fall asleep in the end.


If all of the animals loading the train and all of the construction vehicles are climbing into bed and drifting off to sleep, our little ones will be much more likely to do so, too.

Of course the books have great messages as well: teamwork, persistence, and knowing when to ask for help to name a few.

There are also some great companion books, puzzles, toys, and even pajama sets to go with these awesome titles. I am a huge fan of expanding kids’ love of books in any way possible, and these items will certainly help get them excited about reading these amazing books.

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site, Let’s Go – A beautiful cut-out book that labels the parts of the trucks and is perfect for any construction-vehicle-obsessed little reader.

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site Cement Mixer’s ABC’s – This board book is available for pre-order and looks WONDERFUL for little ones learning their letters.

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site Dump Truck’s Colors  – Same goes for this one, available for pre-order and perfect for a first color book for babies/toddlers.

This plush excavator from Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site – our youngest loves his!

This Steam Train Dream Train Floor Puzzle – great for preschool age kiddos.

This Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site Matching Game – my boys love matching games almost as much as I did as a kid!

This adorable pajama set to go along with Mighty, Mighty Construction Site

And, this new book that I am SUPER EXCITED for – Construction Site on Christmas Night !!!! I LOVE a good holiday-themed book (see this post or this one for proof), and this one is sure to be a classic to add to our Christmas book collection. I know it is early to be thinking about Christmas (but really, is it ever too early for thoughts about Christmas?!), but this one comes out October 16, 2018 and is available for pre-order now. I’m going to order it as soon as I finish writing this post. I swear finding new books to read is my FAVORITE part about writing this blog so far!

Any combination of these great books and book-related items would be a perfect bundle for moms expecting their own little bundles :). (Sorry, sometimes my English-teacher-love-of-puns has a mind of its own!) Feel free to tell the mom you may purchase them for that they are sleep-inducing approved by the Raising Boys with Book blog!

As always, thanks for reading! I would love to hear from you. Do you have other books you love because they help your little ones fall asleep? I’m sure we could all use them, so please share away in the comments below or on social media.

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14 thoughts on “The Best Bedtime Books for Little Boys

  1. I love reading to my son and I am always looking for new books to add his collection. We love the Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site books, but I didn’t realize there were so many more in the series. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I love it when author’s write supplemental books! Hope you find some you enjoy :).

  2. My daughter would love these books. Ive never heard of them but love that they are interactive!

    1. I started these when they were babies. They were sometimes even asleep in my arms, but it helped get them in the routine of reading before bed. Not to mention that as they grew to be toddlers, that was the only time I could get them to sit long enough for actual stories!

  3. I want all of these now, especially the Christmas one! I need some new good bedtime books. My son’s favorites seem to make him more excited, which isn’t helpful af bedtime.

  4. This is great! My son loves trains and even though he’s only one I buy him books all the time. I think it’s great to start reading at an early age. And I love the shower idea of a book instead of a card!

  5. My friends brought me books in lieu of cards as well and I LOVE reading the sweet messages to my son with each book we read. Right now we are working through his kids bible but he is one and always brings me a book called “daddy loves me” to read to him. Thanks for the new book ideas!

  6. These books are great for bed time. I read to my kids at night but I have never thought about using books that actually make them want to go to sleep. I also love the baby shower idea!

  7. I keep reading on how amazing it is for little brains to get read to from an early age. Its cultivating a love for books and opening up their imaginations! My little man grew up with me reading to him, now he is reading to me! its amazing! thank you for sharing these amazing books!

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