Let’s Taco ’bout a Party – A Dragons Love Tacos Party

My oldest turned 7 this month. I absolutely cannot believe it.

I cannot believe it has been 7 years since I became a mom. I cannot believe how much my tiny baby has grown. I cannot believe what a kind, caring, courageous, silly, hard-working, goofy boy he has turned into. But, here we are. He’s seven. I’m dealing with it – even though I really don’t want to.

His goofiness is actually what led to our birthday party theme this year. He fell in love with a song (a super goofy one), it coincided with a book (actually two books) that he loves, and then it turned into a birthday party theme.

The song is called, “It’s Raining Tacos” by Perry Grip. It’s ridiculous … but actually super catchy. Here’s the YouTube link. I apologize in advance!

The books that coincide are Dragons Love Tacos and Dragons Love Tacos 2: The Sequel by Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri.

My now 7yo took all of these things together and decided that he must have a taco party. The best part is, he doesn’t even really like tacos! Well, that’s not completely true. He does like tacos when I make them with extremely plain chicken and just a little cheese, but I knew I couldn’t feed an entire party of people like that, so I knew he wouldn’t like the tacos at his own party. I let him do it anyway.

We typically combine our birthday celebrations (my birthday is just a few days after his) so that I can invite my own friends to the party and have an excuse to serve adult beverages – which, of course, makes a kid birthday party much more tolerable for all involved. We did the same this year, so we had Qdoba cater the not-modified-for-extremely-picky-kids tacos, served Uncrustables to said extremely-picky kids, and made everyone happy!

Since we decided to run with the taco theme, I decided I needed a shirt for the occasion! I am lucky enough to have friends with Cricuts, so I had one of them make this awesomeness for me!


But this one might be my new favorite, if I had found it before the party, I totally would have ordered it!

Or maybe this one, just because my youngest son would have loved it so much!

Note: If your little one loves dinosaurs as much as mine does, check out this post about our favorite dinosaur books!


As far as decorations for said taco/Dragons Love Tacos party, we kept things pretty simple. We were outside or in the garage throughout the party; luckily the Indiana weather cooperated with us for the most part (as long as we don’t count the three times we had to deflate the bounce house because of downpours before the party started!). We did use this awesome taco pinata for decoration and fun! (Actually, the link here is for Amazon, but we found one at our local Target for a better price – I can’t find it online, but you might check before buying this one if you have a Target nearby).

Inside I used the books themselves as decorations. I even made a pretend No Spicy Salsa: A Guide to Dragon Cuisine book (the kid looks up recipes inside the Dragons Love Tacos book) just for fun. But my favorite “decoration” was actually the cake we had made. Our local Kroger made it for us and it was amazing! It is really just two round cakes with a section of the bottoms cut off, then it is topped with icing and sprinkles that look like tortillas and taco filling. There’s no way I could do it though, so I was so happy to find someone who could. They actually made us FOUR of them because I am a huge over-planner and had way too much of everything, but oh well, the fun was worth it!

IMG_20180519_204208 (1)

We also ordered some coloring pages for the kids to do in case the rain did not hold off. I found them on Etsy from a shop called FlamingoInvites and got my custom order right away! I decided to let the kids decorate their own goody bag as well – it’s a great trick if you don’t want to spend a crazy amount of money on bags you know they will just throw away as soon as they get home and also a good way to let little ones get involved in the fun. My son made an example “Taco Cave” bag for the kids to look at and then we let them have at it. The bounce house was too exciting though, so not many were actually made.


If you are looking for a fun, simple birthday theme, this one definitely fits the bill. The books helped a ton with decoration and activity inspiration, and you know I am always up for anything that gets kids excited about reading (read this post about using book previews from Youtube for more excitement-generating ideas). In fact, my youngest son thought it was all so cool that he wanted to read the books after the party and also loved them!

As always, thanks for reading! Have you ever done a birthday theme based on a book? We would love to hear about it. Let us know in the comments below or on social media.

Let's Taco 'bout a party




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  1. Oh my goodness we are so going to get these books! My little lady loves dragons so maybe just maybe she will eat some tacos! And that song oh my goodness!!!!

    1. I know! It gets stuck in your head so easily :). Good luck with the tacos! Thanks for checking out the post :).

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