About Me

Thanks for joining me! Just a bit about who I am and why I am here. I am a mom of two boys, ages 5 and 1/4 and 8 and 3/4. (As this is an “About Me” page, I will tell you, I feel like the quarters are super important for context. I was just telling a friend the other day how amazed I always am at how much my boys mature in the quarter and half year stages! Does everyone feel that way?! Or is it just me? I feel like all of the sudden I will think, “Oh… That’s new… When did he start being able to do that?… And then I will realize that he is now 5 and 1/4 and it is a whole different ball game than just plain ol’ 5!)

But back to the about me part: My family and I live in Indianapolis, IN, and I am an Indiana native. I got my English Education degree at Indiana University have lived in Indianapolis since I left college. I absolutely love the mix of small town and big city in my community.


I am here because I love books! I am a high school English teacher, though I promise not to analyze the books to death the way my 14yo students swear I do. (Oh 14yos … it is amazing how you know you are correct about everything.) But I also love to share books with my own boys.

I read with both boys every night before bed, and together we have found so many books that we love! (See pic of the day I decided to organize my oldest son’s first book cases for proof. It’s an addiction really.) I am a firm believer that reading books with kids provides an unparalleled opportunity to talk to them about what they like, think, feel, and care about. It also gives me the chance to share my thoughts about the world with my kids. To talk about other people’s experiences. To broaden their horizons and expose them to things they may never encounter in any other way.


My love for books is so great that I often find myself telling people about what we are reading at home and the conversations the books spark. I find myself wanting to post long Instagram or Facebook posts about why everyone should check out a certain book. I am sure everyone would love them… Then I catch myself and remember that most people just want to see cute pictures of my kids doing the ridiculous things they do on the daily.

So I’m here. Hoping that I can spare my high school history teacher/former students/college roommates. And hoping that the people who actually might be interested in the books we read and the conversations they spark (that’s you!) will find me and enjoy the information.

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