The Best Bedtime Books for Little Boys

Many of you are probably familiar with these books, but they are so good that I can't resist a post about them anyway. Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site; Steam Train, Dream Train; and Mighty, Mighty Construction Site are my absolute favorite bedtime books for little boys (or girls) ages 0 - 5. In fact, I decided to … Continue reading The Best Bedtime Books for Little Boys

A Book to Help Say Goodbye to a Pet

It has taken me a long time to write this one. I thought I would write it pretty quickly after Bea died, while the lesson of the book and my sons' reactions to it were fresh in my mind. But I couldn't. I'm not sure I am ready yet, but as I mentioned in my … Continue reading A Book to Help Say Goodbye to a Pet

Best Books for a 1-Year-Old from Mom’s Got it Made

When I first came across a post from Megan of Mom's Got it Made, I thought she was hysterical. Her ability to describe the issues we moms all face (like getting out the door on time) in a way that makes us all feel like we are in this thing together is uncanny. I awkwardly … Continue reading Best Books for a 1-Year-Old from Mom’s Got it Made

12 Dinosaur Books for Preschoolers

We knew when my 3 1/2 yo son had his tonsillectomy that we would need a few new toys and books to keep him entertained while he was recovering (see post about the awesome sticker books we used here). We did not know that the things we bought would lead to a full-blown, over-the-top, every-second-of-every-day … Continue reading 12 Dinosaur Books for Preschoolers

Perfectly Maggie

**The contest is officially complete. No new entries will be accepted.   *Though I was given Perfectly Maggie to review, the thoughts and opinions about the book are all mine.* If you've ever read my "About Me" page or noticed the description of this blog, you know that my goal is to teach my boys to be … Continue reading Perfectly Maggie